Since launching in 2015 the Blue Datto Foundation has passionately pursued its mission to save lives of young Australians on our roads.

We’ve aimed to do this by changing the culture of young drivers, altering attitudes and behaviours and empowering drivers and passengers to make safer decisions.

We achieve this primarily through our award-winning Keeping Safe program that targets 15-18-year old’s in school and community settings.

Over the last three years Keeping Safe has been delivered to more than 7,500 young drivers across NSW.

Blue Datto was established following the death of 17-year-old Philip Vassallo (above) in a crash in which both drivers were red ‘P’ Platers. Phil, 'the kid in the Blue Datto', was a much-loved teenager who brought happiness to everyone who knew him.


The Blue Datto Foundation provides programs in schools to encourage young drivers to develop positive attitudes and behaviours on our roads. In order to support these programs and increase awareness within the general community, Blue Datto is launching its inaugural Short Film Competition:  Impact the Screen – Impact a Life.

The Blue Datto Short Film Competition is open to participants aged between 15 and 25 – no matter if they have previous experience in film making. Participants will need to create a short film (between 1 to 2 minutes), based on this year’s theme, ‘KEEP YOUR MATES SAFE’. Participants are encouraged to be creative and film whatever and however they like, think outside the square and be original! No footage is to be submitted of people doing dangerous acts whether inside or outside a vehicle. All scenes must be filmed in accordance with the law and applicable occupational health and safety guidelines.

Once submissions close, films will be judged on their content and their engagement level, as well as the film’s effectiveness in relaying the importance of safe and responsible driving, while meeting this year’s theme.  The winner will be announced at Blue Datto’s annual Gala Night on the Saturday the 20th of October.


There will be a prize for each category as determined by the Judges as well as a voters’ choice prize which can be drawn from either category. The Runners-ups will also receive a prize.

TEENAGE (15 - 17 year olds): The Director of the film wins a 5 week film making course with Short Film School in North Sydney valued at $550.00 AND $500 Cash Prize (to be split evenly among ALL group members listed on the entry form).

Runners-Up Teenage: Two runners-up will receive JB-Hi Fi Vouchers gift valued at up to $200.00.

YOUNG ADULTS (18 - 25 year olds):  $2500.00 Cash Prize (to be split evenly among ALL group members listed on the entry form).

Runners-Ups Young Adult: Two runners-up will receive gift vouchers valued at up $200.00.

Voters Choice Award: $500 Cash Prize